FARMER’S PROTEST 2.0 (2020-21)

FARMER’S PROTEST 2.0 (2020-21)

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The farmers’ protest against agricultural laws 2020 is an active protest against the three farm acts legislated by the Parliament of India in September 2020. 




The Parliament of India passed the three agricultural laws {Farmers’ Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Act, the Farmers (Empowerment and Protection) Agreement on Price Assurance and Farm Services Act, and the Essential Commodities (Amendment) Act}. Various major farmer unions termed these laws as “anti-farmer laws”. Some politicians from the opposition also suggest that if these acts are employed or executed, it would leave farmers at the “mercy of corporates”. 




The Farmer’s Protest 2020 started officially on 9th August 2020 and is continuing actively by the farmers and their unions of Punjab, Rajasthan, and Haryana. The sites of the protest are as follows- areas of Chilla Border between Delhi and Noida, Ghazipur border, Singh border, and many others. 




The following are the goals of the Farmer’s Protest 2020-


  •  Annulment of all the three Farm Bills
  • To execute the propositions and strategies of the National Commission on    Farmers.
  • Ammend Commission of Air Quality in NCR and adjoining areas  (2020)
  • To lower diesel prices by 50% for agricultural labor and activities.
  • Legal guarantee of minimum support price (MSP)
  • Increment of MSP to minimum 50% more than the cost of average weighted production
  • Retraction of all the cases against the farmers and release farmer leaders.
  • To revoke Electricity (amendment) Ordinance (2020)




From hosting free tattoo services to wrestling competitions to laundry services the farmer’s protest is a class apart protest. The farmers are acquiring their strength to rebel against the farm laws from these activities.


  • LAUNDRY SERVICES– A group of volunteers initiated a laundry service on the 22nd of December 2020. They were using multiple washing machines at Delhi’s Singhu border to aid the protesters. In this way, the protestors can avoid trips back home to bring back clean clothes.


  • FREE TATOO SERVICES– Punjab-based tattoo artists inked protesting farmers for free at Singhu border on 25th December 2020. The incessant support shown by people from different professions is beyond incredible. 


  • WRESTLING COMPETITION– As farmers continued to protest against the farm laws in Amritsar, they wrestled with each other different colored turbans-  blue and orange on the 25th of December 2020.




On the 25th of December 2020 in Bajpur, Uttarakhand, the farmers had a clash with the police, where the farmers fought their way with tractors. Reports suggest that farmers were on their way to join the ongoing agitation at the Ghazipur border when the incident took place.


  • On the 25th of December, the Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee said “ We have always been ready to cooperate in the interest of farmers”. 


  • Not only that but she also accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of “trying to mislead” the people with “half-truth and distorted facts” after the latter alleged that the West Bengal government was delaying the Centre’s flagship PM Kisan Samman Nidhi scheme in the state.


  • On the same day, 40 farmer unions held a major meeting regarding the protest.


  • By mid-December, the Supreme Court of India took in a batch of petitions. It was regarding the clearance of blockades created by protesters around Delhi. The court also insists on taking forward the negotiations and consultations with the various bodies of protesting farmer unions. 


  • One of the greatest achievements of the farmer unions was when the court demanded the government to put the laws on hold. Although, eventually, the government refused to put the farm laws on hold.  


  • On 30 December, the Indian Government granted two of the farmers’ urges. The two urges of which the government was in favor was the exclusion of farmers from new pollution law. Another urge was of revoking the amendments to the novel Electricity Ordinance. 


  •  Both parties communicated the rest of the urges apart from the two accepted urges on 4 January 2021.


  • Until 4 January 2021, seven rounds of talks have taken place between the center and farmers.





On 4 January 2021, the new year brought new hopes- for the first time the court registered the first plea. The plea filed, was in support of the protesting farmers and the farmer unions. Although, the meeting on the 4th of January was inconclusive.

On the 7th of January 2021, vexed farmers held tractor rallies to highlight their demand for revocation of the laws. The tractor rally took place in  Singhu, Tikri, and the Ghazipur borders and also from Haryana’s Rewasan. In the rally, the farmer unions were stern. They made it clear that they would not even consider the Centre’s offer of abolishments of the farm laws.


On the 8th of January 2021, the eighth round of talks between protesting farmer unions and the government took place at 2 pm in Vigyan Bhavan. Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar commented before the talks of Vigyan Bhawan. He said “I am hopeful that talks will be held in a positive atmosphere and a solution will be found. During discussions, each side has to take steps to reach a solution.”


In the meeting of 8th of January 2021, both sides-  the protesting farmers and the government looked for a way out or rather a solution to the over one-month-long gridlock. Both sides have stuck to their respective positions. The Centre asserted that they are ready to acknowledge any proposal except the demand for the abolishment of the three farm laws. Even though there was some breakthrough in the sixth round of talks on December 30, but the meeting held on the 8th of January was indeterminate.  


On 12 January, farmer unions and leaders declined the Supreme Court committee and demanded abolishment of the three farm laws and nothing less.



It was after much pestering and postponing that finally on 22 January, the Modi government took a decision. He decided to adjourn the much-debated laws for 18 months. However, the farmers rejected the deal.

Instead, they decided to hold a tractor rally on the 26th of January. 

On January 26, 2021, Samyukt Kisan Morcha, the United Front of farmers of India, arranged a parade with tractors in Delhi, appealing to hundreds of people. At 8:30 a.m., the parade commenced from the Singhu border. The protesters caroused on Delhi roads, destroyed concrete barricades, ruined and disfigured buses, and clashed with the police. The protestors in the parade intentionally marched towards Central Delhi. The protestors converged with the police and penetrated to the center of Delhi. A handful number of farmers barged into the Red Fort. They hoisted Nishan Sahib and farmer union flags to prove that they would do anything but give in. As a result, various police workforce was injured themselves and one protester died.






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