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Mr. Axay Kumar

Founder of pioneering Vasupati.in, I am an Experienced B2B Business Development professional  had worked with top Marketing MNC’S around Globe with strong academic backgrounds from Pune University. I am a zealous  Actor, YouTuber, and blogger. This is a community for passionate writers, explorers, knowledge seekers, conversation starters, and speakers to follow and learn more with us.


Akash | Editor | Marketing Head

Mr. Akash Singh

Editor at vasupati.in, I am an Experienced Digital Marketing Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Digital transformation is my core interest with strong marketing professionalism.  I am a Master of Business Administration graduate- focused in Marketing, and Finance from Amity University.



Vasupati.in is a community for passionate people—writers, explorers, knowledge seekers, conversation starters, and speakers to follow and learn more with us. We love the strategies of interacting and informing. Vasupati.in is a rich and rewarding platform with a unique set of tools and resources to help the audience gain knowledge over various aspects.

The internet has changed the economy forever. Smart people are now turning to blogs and websites to upgrade their knowledge over things. And Vasupati.in has been the place to share tested and proven blogging and podcasting. It is a site mainly targeted to update you with the information in the fields of Health and Wellness, General awareness, Heritage & Tourism, and Food & recipes, etc. Over thousands of people surf our website every day to get acknowledged with the fascinating content we deliver.

Vasupati.in is a place where people write for the joy of it. But writing is just the beginning. At Vasupati.in, you can create. You can interact. You can share and show your interests in a countless number of ways. From words to pictures. From audios to videos. From Answers to Questions. The availabilities are boundless.

At Vasupati.in, you’ll always unearth an enthusiastic take on what you are looking for. Never mind how easy it seemed when you started your search. A blog post is so much more than an answer and so much more than an article — it’s a rich and vibrant experience. And every blog is original. Our blogs are full of engaging perspectives and inspired people. Most of our blogs are around a thousand words long to give you as much detail as possible.

We believe it’s important to offer people all information and the ability to tap into our website’s endless blogs. Our blogs are not just made for professionals; they are made for the people with a desire to know something. Best of all, you can find the topic you are searching for within a fraction of seconds.

We love the range of topics on Vasupati.in. We go deep and we go wide (sometimes we even get lost in our blogs). We’re so excited and enthusiastic about unearthing and handing out information and about creating a knowledge hub. In a very basic sense, we’re in this to make an impact, to grow, to learn, to share knowledge, to connect to each other, and to do something bigger.

We get excited by our team, by our writers—every day. We’re determined to change the view of the world, in our own possible way. That’s why we’ve designed this with a lot of effort amalgamating diverse ideas and skilled people to help our audience grow better every day.

Isn’t it time to open up your box of thoughts? To open up the doors of your knowledge? Even a new chapter or two? We’re an open book. An open group of enthusiastic and energetic people. And we’re all inspired by discovery. Simply cling to our site and make yourself shine in today’s world.